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Travel in this vacation at Bordeaux | City of France

There is a river in Southern France, which bends like the crescent of the moon. And on this bend is a city and a region with a spirit that, once tasted, lingers in the heart forever.
Travel at Bordeaux in this vacation Bordeaux rises proudly from the Aquitaine region of southwest France, 00 miles from Paris and a one-hour drive from the Atlantic coast.
Since the Romans first crushed grapes along the banks of the Garonne River, wine has been the lifeblood of this place. The city of Bordeaux possesses an elegance and easy charm that makes even Paris look on with envy. Yet despite its deep body of 18th-century grandeur, Bordeaux overflows with youthful top notes that breathes life into her streets and shared spaces.
Take in the city from the Pont de Pierre Bridge, where beneath you, waters from the far-off Pyrenees glide to the Bay of Biscay. Once in the city, grand arches and gatehouses from past ages welcome you to a place that became one of the Enlightenment’s brightest stars. Bordea…
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Travel at Death Valley | Trip of California

It’s the driest place in the USA, the lowest point in North America, and one of the hottest places on Earth. But between mid-October and mid-May, Death Valley is one of the USA’s most life-affirming road trips.
Travel in this Vacation Death Valley Death Valley straddles the California-Nevada border, just a four-and-a-half-hour drive from Los Angeles, or a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Las Vegas.
Many parts of Death Valley are designated Wilderness Areas and are under the care of the National Park Service. Despite its rugged appearance, Death Valley’s ecological, geological and historical gems are fragile. Tread lightly, so future generations can experience the wilderness value of this national treasure. If you’re approaching from Nevada, the adventure begins just outside the park in the free-wheel in’ town of Beatty, The Gateway to Death Valley.
In the early 1900s, Beatty serviced nearby mining towns such as Rhyolite, which during its short life featured a train station, 3 newspapers…

A beautiful place Whitsunday Island | Travel at Australia

The Whitsunday’s are like a 200 square-mile secret, tucked away between Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the tropical hillsides of the Central Queensland Coast. Sharing the same latitude as Rio De Janeiro and Tahiti, the region enjoys a perfect, year-round climate.

A Beautiful Whitsunday Island For thousands of years, the Whitsundays were home to the Ngaro, whose name means, vanishing people. When life got a bit too stressful on the mainland, the seafaring Ngaro would paddle off to their island hideaways, disappearing for weeks, or sometimes months at a time. If you feel like vanishing from the world for a while, the Whitsundays could be just the place.
The heart of the Whitsundays The heart of the Whitsundays is the coastal town of Airlie Beach. Once a tiny community of cane farmers and timber getters, today, it’s the gateway to the islands and the perfect place to decompress from the pressures of the everyday world. Hang by the lagoon with fellow travelers, and regain your balance …

Travel in Birmingham | Best city to visit in UK is Birmingham

Travel in Birmingham Beneath an ever-evolving skyline is a city where history, craft and innovation flow through graceful streets and canals. Birmingham truly is one of Britain’s great surprises.
Birmingham, or Brum as the locals call it, sits in the U.K.’s West Midlands, halfway between London and Liverpool.
Most cities are the product of bricks and mortar, but Birmingham is built on innovation and imagination. Birmingham is a place of constant renewal, yet the city’s people remain ever-proud of their regal history and industrial heritage.
Delve into Birmingham’s past at the age-old stronghold of kings and conquerors, Warwick Castle. The story-soaked walls of this medieval fortress date back over 1000 years and have witnessed Birmingham’s steady growth into the powerhouse it is today.
The city itself began in the 12th century as a small market village at the crossroads of Britain’s early trading routes. Merchants and craftsmen brought wealth and knowhow to Birmingham, earning it the …

Travel at Myrtle Beach City in South Carolina | A beautiful story

just a two-hour flight from New York or a one-hour flight from Atlanta. Myrtle Beach is the jewel of the Grand Strand. a string of seaside towns that run down the South Carolina coastline.
Myrtle Beach City of South Carolina sandwiched between the Atlantic rollers and the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway. Myrtle Beach has grown from a rural backwater into a city that attracts millions of visitors annually. many of whom return year after year. in Myrtle Beach, all footsteps lead toward the sand all sixty miles of it don't let those millions of visitors put you off. here you'll always find space to spread out your towel.
Marie Beach is not one but many fabulous beaches. each with its own blend of southern seaside charm. from the downtown follow the sands to North myrtles Cherry Grove Beach. where the skyline of gleaming condos softens into a pastel haze of the classic beach houses.
just south of the downtown is Myrtle Beach, State Park. where Beachcombers can enjoy a mel…